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Things fall apart / tall ships set sail / infro / shizune split came in today
the randomly mixed records are also split
this rules

you can grab a copy here

too many captains, not enough sailors


thanks Funeral Sounds for the kind words!
our first 2 EPs are totally self-produced/financed, both were released without any kind of promotion so we are really happy to read that there’s still people caring about this. 
we got in contact with every single person that bought our records and went to the post office hundreds of times, and it’ s good to know it was worh it!

"Despite the band not speaking English, they have gathered a huge following across social media and have garnered a very impressive fan base in the states. Shizune is one of a handful of bands around that area that have taken to DIY ethics and ideals and it’s really cool to see the scene being stretched out that far into a world where most people wouldn’t expect it…."



We’re releasing Shizune’s “Retro Engineering Artifacts” on tape! This includes Shizune’s discography and a few previously unreleased songs! Shizune is a 5 piece screamo band from Lonigo, Italy. Shizune draws influences from many different bands which is what makes Shizune such a unique band. Shizune also writes their lyrics in three different languages, english, japanese, and italian. If you’ve never listened to Shizune, you’re missing out. FFO: Whenskiesaregray; Chambers; Apartpre-order here: driftwoodrecs.com/storestream here: driftwoodrecords.bandcamp.com100 copies/25 purple/25 tangerine/25 white/25 transparent


When you’re about to fall 

don’t worry, let go 

I’ll be the one that will catch you. 

That’s why 

you need to know I’m next to you 

I am the hope you cannot see 

and when your legs are too tired to rise 

I am the strenght you cannot feel 

I’ll keep on bleeding 

these scars are a gift to me 

I’ll keep on healing 

these scars are a gift to me 

Until today 

I have not 

found the right words 

to say 

thank you

8 Bands In The Heavier Side of Emo That You Need to Listen To Before They Inevitably Break Up and You Look Like A Poser



Just kidding, but not really.

Unfortunately while the emo scene has given us a fantastic slew of bands in the heavier side of the spectrum (Saetia, Orchid, iwrotehaikus, Cerce etc) a lot of these bands seem to break up without warning before we even get the chance to appreciate them, leaving empty holes in our sad angst ridden little hearts and leaving us to press our own bootleg Merchant Ships t-shirts and Seyarse patches to look cool for our Skramz-pals.

However for every screamo band that seems to put down their instruments, another 2 seem to pop up and pick up right where they left off. Despite the community, the emo scene itself is still very small and the heavier more abrasive side of it even smaller.

So to take a break from the twinkly FACGCE bands and bedroom folk heroes, I just thought I’d take the time to list a few bands in the scene that reside on the more heavier spectrum of the genre, and how they’re continuing to improve and expand the genre that the early 2000’s left us early-20-somethings to discover later in life once we’d been dumped enough times.

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For false christs and false prophets 
will appear and display 
great signs and wonders to deceive 
if possible even the elect 
so let’s just wait 
for the next god that will appear 
or the devil we shall fear 
can we really trust our eyes 
would our minds won’t collide 
we must be sure and stand on our feet 
because everything we believe in 
must be the anchor to the floor 
for our will to think alone 
I can’t keep on hearing of love or wisdom 
and being caged by new world order 
while a priest is bringing 
blood for breakfast 
to your god 
so if possible 
I won’t dream 

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Things Fall Apart is an screamo band from Columbus, Ohio, USA. This four way split is their ninth EP. These two songs are a little noodly but also bring in some post-hardcore in their use of dynamics. Tall Ships Set Sail is a four piece  screamo band from Woonsocket, Rhode Island. This four way split is their 3rd EP. Tall Ships Set Sail play a lofi brand of screamo that feels like it might fall apart at any moment. They shake and desperately scream their way through these two songs without coming apart completely.

Infro is a screamo band from Japan. This four way split is their fourth EP and their fifth release overall. Infro play a straight forward brand of screamo, the guitars are distorted but never forgetting some melody while still come straight at you and the singer has a forceful, versatile shout. Shizune is a five piece screamo band from Lonigo, Vicenza, Italy. This four way split is their fourth EP. An Appointment With Richard Harrison divides it’s time between exploding  and screaming and the other half softly whispering and disintegrating while March Blizzard In Rostov n Donu starts twinkly with some buried shouts before building up and destroying itself.

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shit, I need more RAM! // shizune

I will carry this burden 
to your grave 
where you won’t find 
my footsteps 
you won’t find them 
for every breath I take I try 
to keep everything inside 
to fill my lungs and save some 
air for the proper time, 
for the time to come

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